"Brotherly Love"

"Brotherly Love"

S01E06 - June makes Beaver and Wally sign a pact that they'll do stuff together, but when Gus invites Beaver fishing and Chester invites Wally to a football game, antics ensue. 

We know what you're here for - it's June's first look as she reads her book of Arabian poetry

Wally is PO'd because the Beaver threw his "junky old" airplane out the window

June's 2nd look, and BOY is she shocked that Ward compared the boys to apes!

We FINALLY meet Stanley the barber!

Chester Anderson not only has an extra ticket to the football game, he also is getting the haircut that Wally only wishes he could get!

Now that right there is a keen dinghy!

Reluctant nothingness

June's third look!

June's FOURTH look!

The saddest game of Chinese Checkers ever played

Telephonic suspicions

Sneaky Beaver! Windows aren't doors!

FDR had his Fireside Chats. Ward and June have their Icebox Conversations.

No wait. THIS is the saddest game of Chinese Checkers!

Where are you going?!!

Of course Ward loves liverwurst sandwiches.

Suppressed anger and the straw that broke the camel's back - FEET ON THE BED!

A man and a half and room for some fish!

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