Pilot - "It's a Small World"

On the pilot episode of Louise it to Beaver, Louise and Jon talk about the pilot episode of Leave it to Beaver! This unaired pilot was produced in early 1957 and wasn't seen until 2005, when it was included in the DVD box set release. It was later shown on TV Land for the 50th anniversary marathon of Leave it to Beaver in 2007.

Louise and Jon talk about the original cast, extinct slang, June's attire and MORE!

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June's first look, Beaver's tie has been "kiped", the original Ward

The original Wally ties up the bike with the rope they happen to have at the ready

Beaver rides jauntily while Wally steers the bike, a very young HARRY SHEARER!

Another stellar outfit from June, Mr. Baxter from the Franklin Milk Company, Ward in a bathrobe woken by Mr. Baxter at the crack of 11am

Mr. Baxter grabs Wally, Beaver kicks him in the shin, Miss Simms is getting some satisfaction from watching her boss get hurt by a child