"Beaver Gets 'Spelled'"

"Beaver Gets 'Spelled'"

S01E01 - On this episode of Louise it to Beaver, Louise and Jon discuss "Beaver Gets 'Spelled'", the first aired episode of Leave it to Beaver.

Beaver gets a note from his teacher to take home to his mom, but fears that it's about him getting expelled, 1950s hijinks ensue, a man is disappointed that a cat isn't stuck in a tree, everything works out.

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Beaver gets a note from Miss Canfield - DISASTER!

The safest non-turtle-dirt place for a letter

What are these kids learning?!



Kids are such creeps

Perhaps the VERY FIRST CROSS-DISSOLVE on television?

Wally and The Beaver faking a bath like old pros

June Cleaver is overwhelmed

Scheming Cleavers

No wonder Wally had to go to summer school!

The Beaver didn't eat his tomato AGAIN!

The guy behind Ward and June is disappointed that there's not a cat stuck in the tree

We all think Miss Canfield might like Beaver's shrunken head

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