"Captain Jack"

"Captain Jack"

S01E02 - On "Captain Jack", Wally and the Beaver send away for a pet alligator, befriend a grizzled gator guy, and become junior gator guys. Meanwhile, June and Ward wonder where their raw eggs and brandy are going.

Louise and Jon break it down beat by beat and tell you why this episode made television history.

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What a crazy looking hot dog!

What a disappointment!

June's first look

This seems like a great idea

"we got got"

Look at this little turd of a gator

June's 2nd look

Everyone grows up by an Alligator Farm, right?

The Beaver is standing uncomfortably close to Captain Jack

June's third look

TV HISTORY: The first ever televised toilet

Ward carefully measures the amount of missing brandy

The Beaver does his best Captain Jack impression

June's fourth look

The Cleavers are looking fine as hell at the Alligator Farm. Check out Wally's fly blazer!

Wally and The Beaver meet their new dog, Captain Jack. Who wrote it that way on the box? Minerva?

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