"The Black Eye"

"The Black Eye"

S01E03 - The Beaver gets a black eye from an unlikely adversary, Ward tries to teach him how to stand up for himself, and Louise and Jon dissect every bit and piece of this episode. 

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"Natural heaven-sent beauty" // June's first look

Wally analyzes Beaver's shiner

Ward is a hungry, whiny baby

The Beav backs into the dining room

Wally's makeup handiwork

The Beaver is found out!

Ward "Tough Guy" Cleaver

That's one way to get your brother to stop talking

No fight school is complete without a life-like punching bag

The dummy fights back!

Sage advice? Not really.

Mr. Baxter is BACK - as Fred Rutherford, Ward's work bully. Note: Ward's body language.

"Violet Rutherford, you DO drink gutter water!"

Wally spills the beans

Welcome to Rancho Rutherford


Literally the funniest thing in the world

Please refer to Episode 1 (the pilot) to hear more about Mr Baxter/Rutherford's history with grabbing children

This racially insensitive child has a thing or two to say about grabbing kids


Beaver learns how to open a tab

Gum shenanigans

Ward modeling good behaviour

Adult double-standards

Relationship goals

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