"The Paper Route"

"The Paper Route"

S01E17 - Wally and The Beaver want a new bike, so they pick up a paper route, much to their parents' disappointment. Once things start to go awry and Ward and June try to help, the poop hits the propellor. But not to worry, Louise and Jon are here to make sense of it all!

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June’s first look!

Another look at June’s first look

Impossibly close brothers

A lesson in nonchalance

The Generic Times— I mean the Courier Sun

The hiring

“Old Man” Merkel

The threat!

June’s second look!

Courier Sun on June’s new marigolds

Pay no attention to these newspapers

Get that hand outta my face!


Wally’s turn

A real bush-league throw

June’s third look!

A second look at June’s first look

June is the best mom ever! Sorry Mare and Andi!

Too heavy for the little guy

The rain in Mayfield falls mainly on the Planefield

Wet Wally

Ward will secretly help out, too

Bank to the future!

June’s fourth look!

The leftover unused papers

June’s fifth look!

Riding the tailgate

Adult interference

Ok, Nappy McNapperson

Raking for the paper

Driver’s side

“How’dya like this, Marge?!”

The firing

Wondering what went wrong

Sore-armed meddlers

June’s sixth look!

June’s seventh look!

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