"Beaver's Short Pants"

"Beaver's Short Pants"

S01E11 - June's going out of town, so she calls on her Aunt Martha for help. The kids and Ward try their best to not upset her. Jon and Louise weigh in.

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June's first look!

June's second look!

Arriving now at the Mayfield International Airport!

June's THIRD look! And introducing, Aunt Martha!

A closer look...at that HAT!

Wally and the Beav meet their Umbrella Aunt

June's fourth/flying in an airplane look

June is just the best

This precarious cap

Beaver's short pants. Hey! That's the title of the episode!

Early to school

Hiding behind the books

The mop closet - the hottest new sandwich spot in Mayfield!

Warriors, come out and PLAY-AY!!!

Hydrating before the big fight!



June's FIFTH look

Hugh Beaumont as Ward Cleaver as Dad

Dad? More like BFF!


June's SIXTH look!

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