"The Perfume Salesmen"

"The Perfume Salesmen"

S01E12 - Beaver and Wally try to sell some stanky perfume in order to win a movie projector, but they're Cleavers, so things aren't easy.

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June's first look!

New York's finest

June's second look!

Get it, June, with that 2nd look!

Let's get a closer look at that 2nd look while the boys carry the box up the stairs in a funny way

That sure is a keen lookin' 'jector!

Old Catcher's Glove No 5

This neighbor looks nice, but wait until she smells the perfume!

Ain't MisbShavin'

This old lady wouldn't slam her door on the boys...

...but her dog might have some other ideas!

Banish the Flower of the Orient to the closet until Christmastime

Banish the Flower of the Orient to the closet until Christmastime

A note from a lawyer? I object! But not to June's third look!

"Boys, I was better than you when I was your age", basically.

Ward mansplains perseverance to June as the creepy clown cookie jar looks on!

LL Cool W

June performs a smell test

And here comes the wrinkle in Ward's plan

Ward's ingenius list

Gone exploitin' June's friendships!

Back to selling!


We didn't even tell her we were selling anything!

May the fourth be with June (JUNE'S FOURTH LOOK!)

Another look at June's fourth

Look, ma! We sold out!

Assembling the projector!

June's 5th look!

A closer look at June's 5th

June's 5th look - EXTREME CLOSEUP

THIS is the projector that came in the box

Don't thank Dad!

June's SIXTH look!

A present for Ward from the boys

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