"Voodoo Magic"

"Voodoo Magic"

S01E13 - Eddie Haskell talks Wally and the Beaver into betraying their parents' trust. When they get caught in their lie, Eddie has hell to pay.

June's first look!

Eddie Haskell: Professional Butt-kisser

The birth of lies

Eddie approves

Children and a man in a suit

Eddie thinking about being a jerk



June's first look v2.0

June's first look v2.1


June's official second look

Just like in the movie!

Mrs. Rayburn with an insane request


Big faker!

Leave it to Beaver to do the right thing

Sick day sodie-pop!

The taste of freedom (AND LIES!)

...and I stuck a pin in there

Suddenly feeling...actually sick!

June's third look!

June's FOURTH look

June's fourth look CLOSEUP!

So many looks! This is June's fifth.

Fool me once, Haskell!

The boys leaving the house with Eddie still in their room

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