"Part Time Genius"

"Part Time Genius"

S01E14 -The Beaver gets the highest score on a school-wide test. As a result, his friends don’t like him anymore and the school thinks he should be taught someplace for super smart kids. But what they don’t know is that Beaver is just your average kid.

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June's FIRST look!

Bored Ward is going out of his gourd! Check out Wallace "Corny" Cornelius talking his ear off.

June's face = Louise's face while listening to this awful writing

The boys NOT studying for the IQ test

Fixing incorrect math in his mind!

The intelligence test begins....NOW!

June's CRAZY 2nd look

June's 2nd look doesn't look as crazy from afar

June's third look.

Cool chair, Corny!

Mad @ Smarts // Larry eats ANOTHER apple

Meeting of the adult minds

June's million dollar glare

...but where's the baseball field?

June's 4th look!

June's 5th look! So many June looks!

June is impec

Ms. Canfield and Charlie (the new kid) straighten things out


Next time on Louise it to Beaver...THE PARTY INVITATION

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