"Party Invitation"

"Party Invitation"

S01E15 - The Beaver is invited to a party and he'll be the only boy. OH NO! THE HORROR! Wally puts the FEAR OF GOD into Beaver that the girls are going to KISS HIM! WHY GOD WHY?!?!?!

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School Scavenger Hunt!

Of course the shoe is in the waste paper basket

What a coincidence

The new girl OR Leave it to SHEver?!

Linda <3 Beaver

Actually a very cool shot demonstrating a passed note in class


A walk home AMBUSH

Verifying which fellas got invited to Linda's party

Wally Cleaver: Banana Model


June's first look v2.0

Get well soon, Elephant Ears

Ward, Jr.

June's 2nd look

Party Protest


Ward is gender-blind

Bored little party boy

A birthday party raffle -- everyone has those, right?

Hello, Dolly!

Swish! Nothing but helmet!

Chairman of the bored

Beav escapes to the Man Cave


June's THIRD look

June's third look v2.0

And of course, a clip from the Gilligan’s Island episode written by the same writer as Party Invitation. Surpsised?

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