"Lumpy Rutherford"

"Lumpy Rutherford"

S01E16 - Beaver and Wally are at it again when a local bully starts giving them the business. After Ward tells them a story about how he handled a bully when he was a kid, Wally and the Beav get themselves in a bind when they emulate their awful father's past.

June's first look!


Did someone order a knuckle sandwich?!

Ward tells a story from his awful past as a bad person

5. P is for pennant, plaid, poor parenting, and pissed

Barrel hoops! There it is!

June's 2nd look...for BRIDGE NIGHT!

Guilty paranoia

Beav's spot-on impersonation of Ward

The Pajama Brothers

Classic TV table setup

Beav Cassidy and the Sundance Older Brother

D is for Dumb-Dumb Daddy-o

Don't become the bully


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