"Lonesome Beaver"

"Lonesome Beaver"

S01E20 - Louise and Jon chat about the 20th episode of Season 1 of Leave it to Beaver, "Lonesome Beaver".

Wally joins the boy scouts and Beaver realizes he doesn't know what to do with himself when he's alone.

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Reading the ol pape!

June’s first look!

Optimistic Beaver

Tooey’s mom is the boss at the Brown household

Beautiful Scoutmaster Norton

Rules are rules youngin’

Serious formal scouting

Cue the sad Peanuts music

Imagine this opening with the wind and creaking

Jerry Mathers: Actor

“That’ll be good for you, Wally.”

Scouts in a truck bed Life in the Fast Lane guitar riff!

June’s second look!

Holding a compass and also looking for direction.


The right to bear hands

Silent judgement

I’ve been hit…with loneliness :(

I’m dead, lady!

I would name her Pearl Clutcherson

I would name her Whitney Whitney (Whitey Whitney’s mom)

The Sand[not a]lot

Mean Chester Anderson

Ward gets called off the course

Auxiliary Fireman Gus

Best song ever

Ward finds the Beav

Suddenly the dead of night

Camping was called off

June’s third look

Precautionary bed rest

June’s fourth look!

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