"Cleaning up Beaver"

"Cleaning up Beaver"

The Beaver is a gosh darn mess, but only in comparison to squeaky clean Wally. This does NOT bode well to Ward!

June’s first look!

Freshly aftershaved

Jeans and sweatshirts

June the perfectionist

Teenage pout machines

What about the Beaver?

Dirt Squad

Oh, Larry. Bless your apple-eatin’ heart.

June’s second look!


June’s third look!

Ah, a perfect shoe shine!

Clean kid / dirty bathroom

Soap Scum

June’s fourth look!



Just a lamp. Phew!

Classic case of hatchet under the pillow

Cat fiasco!

Wake up, Wally!

Best bud bros!

Meeting the Beav half-way

Cool brother deals. You wouldn’t understand.

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