Ryan Pierce: the map is not the territory

Ryan Pierce: the map is not the territory

On this episode of the Portland Art Museum Podcast, we present the audio interview of Ryan Pierce, edited only for pauses in the conversation and chatter between Ryan and the interviewer. The other voice you will hear is Grace Kook-Anderson, the Arlene and Harold Schnitzer of Northwest Art and curator of “the map is not the territory.”

Ryan Pierce
(b. 1979 in Fort Bragg, California; lives in Portland, Oregon)

Ryan Pierce makes paintings, sculptures, and texts, and facilitates journeys inspired by the resilience of the natural world. He draws on influences from ecological theory, literature, and folk art to suggest visions of a near future amid dramatic climate change. Pierce is the co-founder of Signal Fire, a group that facilitates wilderness residencies and retreats for artists of all disciplines.

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