Early Career / Philadelphia

After responding to a call for help from Banyan Productions in Philadelphia in 2004, I formed a relationship with the staff of several shows in production. I was soon asked to intern for TLC's Perfect Proposal, a role that helped me learn the ins and outs of non-fiction television production. 


Perfect proposal

Whether it was choosing music for editors or sitting in on a creative meeting, my voice was always heard and my input was always taken into consideration. This was not the coffee-gopher internship you often hear about. My close work with the producers led to employment on their future projects, thus securing my place in the television industry.  

Trading spaces

During the mid-90s, Banyan Productions was the go-to production company for daytime reality television. It's most popular show was probably Trading Spaces, on which I was hired from time to time as a Production Assistant.

Los Angeles

After some time assisting on shows and commercials in Philadelphia and New York, I decided that I needed to follow the work, so I took a chance in 2007 and moved to Los Angeles. Shortly thereafter, I was hired by A. Smith & Co Productions to work on a popular show they had resurrected; Trading Spaces. After two days as a Post Production Assistant, I was promoted to Post Production Coordinator.

As a Post Production Coordinator, I managed the schedule, staff, and completed all required deliverable material. I also stressed the importance of a fun workplace and helped increase productivity during long work-days. I even stayed after-hours to help the story staff.


Story Producer

By the end of the season of Trading Spaces, I was given the opportunity to produce story for the final three episodes. Having the opportunity to conduct interviews and assure that we had all of the necessary footage to edit a great show was incredible and further shaped my television career.


After Trading Spaces, I went on to produce story for shows such as:

  • Whale Wars (Animal Planet)
  • The Invested Life (
  • Swamp People (History)
  • My Big Redneck Vacation (CMT)
  • Redneck Rehab (CMT)
  • Flip Men (Spike)
  • Escape Routes (NBC)
  • Full Throttle Saloon (TruTV)
  • Wicked Tuna (NatGeo)
  • Mountain Movers (NatGeo)
  • Swamp Pawn (CMT)
  • Ghost Planes (H2)
  • #BikerLive (Discovery)
  • The Ultimate Fighter 21 (FOX Sports)

Being a Story Producer means wearing many hats. It involves writing voice-over, interview questions, occasionally interview answers, episode titles & descriptions. In episodic non-fiction, storyboarding is an enormous part of the process and can change from day to day. In post production, a story producer creates a preliminary edit and then fine-tunes it with a team of editors. Essentially, a story producer is a project manager and writer bundled into one person.


In early 2016, I joined forces with a vegan travel & culture magazine called Driftwood. Though I joined the team to manage their advertising and partnerships, I quickly began to integrate new media such as a podcast and a video web-series. 


Driftwood in motion

The sponsored video web-series, Driftwood in Motion, is a multi-cycle collection of videos that follow vegans of all ages, races, sizes & shapes as they explore the world. Each multi-episodic cycle has a different theme and coincides with the release of the magazine. The first cycle, for example, is called S'mores Stories and follows a group of fun-loving vegans on an overnight wilderness camping trip.

For Driftwood in Motion, I am the Producer, Director, Director of Photography, and Editor. To date, all of my work with Driftwood has been voluntary.


Due to the success of Hey, Teens! with Jon & Eric, we were asked to host a show for the FilmOne channel on SkyTV (UK). Jon & Eric Hang Out and Do Whatever was a live, interactive program that combines live musical performances and guest interviews. All the while, a live chatroom scrolls on the side of the screen, encouraging a fully interactive experience between us and the audience.

FilmOne cancelled all shows after acquiring HologramUSA and converting their studio to a hologram studio.