Most recently, I have been Video Producer/Photographer for Portland Art Museum. The following is a selection of videos that touch on a few different types of projects created for the Museum.


One of the hidden gems of Portland Art Museum is its library, which was part of the Museum before it even had art. It felt important to me that people learn that the library not only exists, but is a great resource for scholars, artists, and all types of art researchers.

Portland Art Museum: Reflecting Forward

In December, 2017, Portland Art Museum celebrated its 125th anniversary. Working with Marketing Director, Laura Bartroff, and Sara Guest from Swaim Strategies, I was able to put together what we pitched to Portland Art Museum Director, Brian Ferriso; a video scrapbook celebrating the Museum's history, emphasis on Education, and the future of the Museum.

how to search the portland art museum collection online

This one was fun. When I started working at the Museum in December, 2016, I heard all about the availability of the collection that is searchable online. I pitched the idea of making a video about it with Maggie Hanson, the Head of Library & Collections Information. She was very excited by the idea, but dozens of other projects got in the way. One year later, we rolled up our sleeves and found a way to make learning about a website fun.

*Watch with Closed Captions on for extra fun

Luzene Hill - "Enate"

Luzene Hill is an Eastern Band Cherokee Artist whose work centers around violence towards women in the Native American community. In preparation for an upcoming exhibition at the Museum, Luzene wanted to perform an action that dictates the placement of her work in the gallery. I was asked by the Museum's Director of Education and Public Programs, Mike Murawski, to perhaps record this action. After a peculiar conference call, during which I said "no problem", we basically decided to create a highly stylized video that became part of Luzene's installation.

Reassembling the Nimaidō tōsei gusoku armor with Tokugawa crest

It started with a conversation Samantha Springer, the Museum's Conservator, that went like this:

Samantha: We're about to prepare some Samurai armor that is about to go back into the galleries. Do you think we should record it?

Me: I'll get my gear.

We didn't know what we should do with the footage until I thought some more about the Museum's most popular video on YouTube, an old hour-long video about making a samurai sword that we didn't even make ourselves. Why not release something that we created ourselves that the same audience will like? I worked with Jeannie Kenmotsu, the Assistant Curator of Japanese Art, and Maribeth Graybill, the Curator of Asian Art to work out the text, and what you see is the product.

ARTIST TALK: Elizabeth Malaska

Once a month, the Museum hosts a local artist to speak about a piece in the Museum's collection. Before I started working there, these videos were a stationary camcorder, but I felt that they deserved better. 

This is an example of one of my favorite Artist Talks.