"Wally's Girl Trouble"

"Wally's Girl Trouble"

S01E10 - Wally meets a girl at Dancing School and leaves Beaver high and dry. Meanwhile, Ward is the worst and June is the best.

Let's give the people what they want - it's JUNE'S FIRST LOOK!

All ready for dancing school without putting up a fight

Falling for Penny Jameson

Larry and Beaver dancing the day away

NEW PET ALERT: It's HERBIE the toad!

Beav's best Penny Face (like a flounder)

Wally charming Ward away. HE'S SO COOL!

Is that a WEDDING RING we spot on Penny's hand?

Rebecca of Sunnybrook EMBARRASSMENT (as THE MEN/Greasers look on)

The Beaver and his friend

The Beav biding his time

Smitten Wally

Mayfield or MOW-TOWN?!

He's got it bad

Team Cleaver

June's 2nd look - more like JEANS Cleaver!

June's THIRD look

Um, excuse you, Mr. Cleaver - a BELL?!

Fishing, but somethin' ain't right

June's FOURTH look

Gotta breathe!

Peace offering

And all is back to normal

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